Fitness Motivation Would you use this bite-sized ball to tone your face, neck, and jawline?

Fitness Motivation

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Fitness Motivation Work towards getting the chiseled jaw you always wanted with this Jawzrsize kit.
Work towards getting the chiseled jaw you always wanted with this Jawzrsize kit.

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TL;DR: Activate some 57 facial muscles with the Jawzrsize® Facial Fitness: Total Transformation Kit for $64.99, a 56% savings as of July 22.

Facelift exercise products are now a thing, so add that to the list of stuff you couldn’t predict about 2020.

One such product that fits the bill is Jawzrsize Facial Fitness, a complete set of noninvasive products that aim to transform your jawline into a chiseled masterpiece. (Sure.) We’ve talked about the craze before, partly because it’s so weird, and now we’re back with a fresh sale so you can try it out for yourself. 

The Jawzrsize Total Transformation Kit is an all-in-one facial toning package streamlined into one complete kit. But instead of relying on strategies that are only skin-deep, like moisturizers and wrinkle-repair serums, this little gadget goes right to the source of facial sagging. It basically works the muscles of the face to strengthen and tone from the inside out. The secret is that you chew the ball. (Yep.)

Brought to the masses by Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Jawzrsize Facial Fitness targets the entire face and neck. The product itself looks a little strange, we won’t lie, but there are tons of before-and-after photos that speak for themselves.

It’s literally a bite-sized piece of silicone fitness equipment that activates 57 facial muscles. It comes in four colors: blue for beginners, green for intermediate users, dark blue for advanced facial work-out pros, and dark green for those who are ultra-serious about their facial muscle tone. Each one has a slightly higher resistance level to strengthen your jaw muscles, with the highest one topping off at 50 pounds of resistance.

Twenty minutes a day could be all it takes to kick that double chin. Snag the Jawzrsize Facial Fitness kit for just under $65 (normally $149) during this sale for a limited time.

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